An Overnighter at Lingshan Island

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If you are looking for a break from the city this autumn, Lingshan Island may be the perfect destination for you. Even though it is just a 40-minute boat ride from the mainland, its quaint village vibes make it feel like you are a world away.

1How to get to Lingshan Island (灵山岛)

o   Take a ferry from Jimiya Harbor in Huangdao (积米崖渔港 – Jimiya Yugang)

Cost – 60 RMB

Departure Times (daily schedule) 

8AM: leaves from Jimiya Harbor

9AM: leaves from Lingshan Island                            

1:30PM: leaves from Jimiya Harbor

2:30PM: leaves from Lingshan Island

o   Lingshan Carts

At negotiable prices, you can rent a cart on the island to visit the various sites.



2 Where to stay 

There are many places you can stay at overnight on the island. Most places are renovated versions of hostels or fisherman’s homes that can accommodate guests. Most of the room costs are negotiable.

BLUE HOTEL – a 3-story light-blue hotel with a veranda on the 3rd floor.

Location - at the bottom of the road near Lingshan Harbor

Cost – 100RMB/night for 1 rm, 2 beds, includes a Western toilet



3Where to eat 

This island is an ideal place to eat seafood with all the fishermen who live here. It doesn’t get much fresher than the seafood here.

Blue Hotel Restaurant

o The restaurant on the first floor of Blue Hotel

o Plenty of seafood as well as noodle dishes and jiaozi

o A few pictures but most of the menu is in Chinese

金碧度假酒店 (Jin Bi Dujia Jiudian – Golden Jade Vacation Hotel)

o 2-story maroon hotel with white pillars

o 5-min walk from the harbor (go up the steep road and turn right)

o Has a picture menu


4Where to go  


o  The ferry drops off passengers here.

o  You can see exquisite sunsets from the dock.

Shell Museum

o Has an array of colourful and exotic shells

o Located at the top of the steep road after you leave Lingshan Harbor


*You will need to buy a 20RMB ticket at a ticket shack on the island in order to see these sites.

Tiger’s Mouth

o  A rocky projection which looks like its namesake if you are an imaginative person

Agricultural Sightseeing Garden

o A pleasant walk along the rocky coastline

South Post Lighthouse

o A candy-cane coloured lighthouse built in 1954


*You will need to buy a 20RMB ticket at a ticket shack on the island in order to see these sites.

Tooth Island

o  A chunk of rock which looks like a chipped tooth

Fire Tower

o  An abandoned fire tower which looks like a miniature castle

The Burdened Rock

o  A rocky outcrop which is constantly pummeled by waves


Knife Rock Island

o  A rock which looks somewhat like a blade that lost its handle

Rocky Beach

o  A small beach composed of many pebbles

The Tunnel

o  A military tunnel now open to public use – it cuts through the mountainside to the other side of the island.


5Tips for hikers     

Lingshan has two main hiking trails. One begins at Tiger’s Mouth and ends at The Tunnel. The other starts at the back of the island near a village and winds up the mountain to a military site.

Tiger’s Mouth Trail

o  a 2-hour, rigorous hike with plenty of steps

Military Trail

o    a 30-minute strenuous hike that leads to a military site on the peak

6Things to Discover on Lingshan Island

o   Goats – the real mountain climbers of Lingshan

o   Elephant – there is no zoo here but there is one elephant you can’t miss

o   Mosaics – several of the houses have some intricate artwork

7 Things to Avoid on Lingshan Island

o   Storms – the ferry will not come to the island during large storms, but you are guaranteed to see some massive waves crashing against the rocks

o   Hornets – if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you

o   Spiderwebs – spiders seem to love building webs across the hiking trails...