Q&A - China's Permanent Residence(2)

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What are the ways to apply for permanent residence?


1、Special contribution category
Personnel who have made significant and outstanding contributions to China and who are in special need of the country,
(1) Having made significant and outstanding contributions to national economic development and social progress;
(2) The world's top talents, talents with special skills and celebrities with great value to the country.
Such as the "thousand people plan".

2、Investment green card
The investment in China is equivalent to more than 10 million yuan, and the investment situation has been stable for 3 consecutive years.

3、Employment type green card

Those who hold the posts of deputy general manager, deputy factory director or above in China, or have the associate senior titles of associate professor, associate researcher or above and enjoy the same treatment, have served for four consecutive years, have resided in China for at least three years and have good tax records, such as salary of 500000 and tax payment of more than 20%.

  • Company shall meet one of the following conditions:
    (1) Departments under the State Council or institutions under the provincial people's governments;
    (2) Key institutions of higher learning; (211 Engineering School or the first batch of undergraduate admission colleges in our province)
    (3) Enterprises and institutions that implement national key engineering projects or major scientific research projects;
    (4) High tech enterprises, encouraged foreign-invested enterprises, foreign-invested advanced technology enterprises or foreign-invested product export enterprises.

4、Foreign Chinese with doctorate
Have a doctor's degree and work in China.

5、Spouse group clustering green card

  • Spouses of Chinese citizens or foreigners who have obtained permanent residence status in China;;

  • The marriage relationship has lasted for 5 years;

  • Has resided in China for 5 consecutive years and has resided in China for at least 9 months each year;

  • There are stable living security and housing。

6、Children's reunion green card
Unmarried children under the age of 18 take refuge with their parents。

7、Green card for relatives
There are no immediate family members abroad, and they have joined the immediate family members in China, and they are over 60 years old, have resided in China for 5 consecutive years, have resided in China for at least 9 months each year, and have stable living security and residence.
GGB customized processing scheme for green card application

GGB has obtained the intermediary service qualification of Qingdao No. 001 "foreigner work permit" approved by the State Administration of foreign affairs. With our professional interpretation and comprehensive application of various policies of the state and Shandong Province, as well as our rich successful handling experience, we can, according to the personal conditions of each applicant, excavate the potential background and improve its highlights in multiple dimensions, plan the "fastest, most accurate and most convenient" application scheme, customize the personalized application path, and avoid the "pits" encountered during the application process.

Talent background analysis, mining background highlightsWe will conduct multi-dimensional analysis based on the basic background information provided by foreigners, understand the background of talents, explore the background highlights and potential background, judge whether they meet the application qualification, and select the correct application path.

Customized personalized handling scheme
According to the individual background of foreign talents and the actual needs of foreign talents, customize the application scheme and recommend the most suitable application scheme for customers.

Preparation of documentsThe excellent copywriting team provides the most accurate document requirements, and follows up the preparation of documents and materials in the application throughout the process, to eliminate all kinds of troubles caused by incomplete submission of materials and rejection of wrong materials.

Monitor the application process throughout
Take the initiative to regularly report the application progress to the customer, accompany and follow up the whole process of submitting materials and signing in person, and timely provide perfect solutions for reference according to the needs of foreign talents.