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Dora 金桥外服


    Starting from June 2019, in Qingdao area, the medical examination for foreigners entering the country can only be done after making an appointment, and it cannot be done without an appointment.





     The purpose of making an appointment is to facilitate business processing, improve efficiency and avoid queue-jumping.The adoption of the appointment system can realize reasonable allocation of resources, allocate doctors' time and improve the efficiency of physical examination. In addition, the appointment system is also needed for epidemic prevention and control and public health protection.


How to make an appointment?



Step 1: Follow the official wechat account of "Qingdao International Travel Healthcare Center".

Step 2: Click the official account "Business processing - Business appointment", and then follow the prompts step by step.

Tips: What needs special attention is that please read the "Physical Examination, Vaccination, New Coronavirus Testing Instructions and Precautions for Appointment" carefully. Once the appointment is wrong, it will be impossible to get the number and handle the business on the spot.


How to choice the type of appointment? 

D入境人员业务(FOR ENTRY PEOPLE)。如果您是外籍、港澳台等入境人员,无论是办理工作签证需要还是生活需要,均预约D类业务。另外,如果您同时还需要办理预防接种、核酸检测等其他业务,则只预约D类业务即可。

D FOR ENTRY PEOPLE. If you are a foreigner, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan inbound personnel, whether you need a work visa or living needs, you should make an appointment for Class D business. In addition, if you also need to handle other services such as vaccination, nucleic acid testing, etc., you can make an appointment for Class D business


What if i make a wrong appointment?




Step 1: Click "Business Processing -- User Center for Physical Examination and Vaccination -- My Appointment" in the open official account to register your information (it must be consistent with the appointment information), and click Cancel the appointment.

Step  2 : Cancel the appointment and re-make the appointment.

Tips: It should be noted that it takes 24 hours after the first appointment to reschedule. In addition, in order to prevent malicious appointments, the system will automatically temporarily lock the relevant personnel information after two wrong appointments.


What to do after making an appointment?


1:During the epidemic prevention and control period, please pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of Shandong Province and Qingdao City, and only those who meet the prescribed conditions can handle the business (during the epidemic prevention and control period, there are prescribed procedures for checking and verifying the health code and the itinerary card of the State Council. Only those who meet the requirements can enter the business hall).


2:Please read the "Physical Examination, Vaccination, New Coronavirus Testing Instructions and Precautions for Appointment" carefully, prepare the materials you need to bring and copy in advance, and ensure that your physical condition meets the physical examination requirements.


3: 15 minutes in advance to take the number. For example, if your appointment is from 9 to 10, you can pick up the number at 8:45. So please arrange your time well in advance. In addition, due to the sterilization requirements of physical examination and vaccination rooms, please handle relevant business within the appointment time.


‍What should i prepare for physical examination


Light diet 3 days before the physical examination, no food after 10 o'clock the night before and the morning of the physical examination;Urine routine items may be abnormal during examination during women's menstrual period. If the trip is not tense, we recommend that you continue to check after the end of menstruation


Materials:photocopy of passport or pass, photocopy of valid visa, 3 to 4 recent barehead photos with a 2-inch color white background, ③ Photocopy of business license (with official seal) of the company you belong to if you apply for infectious disease surveillance physical examination for work visa.


Apply for a phone card as soon as possible to obtain the itinerary code and health code after you finished quarantine


The time and place of the medical examination



Time:Monday to Friday (except for national statutory holidays, the time off is in accordance with the unified national regulations), 8:00 am to 11:00 am, no medical examination business in the afternoon.

Location: 85 Fuzhou South Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City.


体检流程Physical examination process


Step 1:Scan the site code, and show the travel code, health code (if the physical examination personnel does not have the travel code, can show the quarantine release report and 48 hours nucleic acid report)


Step 2: Input the foreigner's passport information to get the number, wait for the number to be called, then submit the materials at the window


Step 3:Confirm whether there is an overseas physical examination report (no physical examination report: 7 physical examination items are required)


Step 4:At the window, please show the material and passport of the physical examination personnel. The physical examination personnel need to show the health code, take photos, check the information and sign


Step5: Pay at window


Step6:Physical examination on the second floor, the doctor signs the  form


Step 7:Submit the physical examination form and 3 photos to the window to get the receipt


Step8:Get the medical report according to the date on the receipt