Talent Dispatching

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Dispatch and Insourcing Services

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Processing time

Instruction notes


Guide new employees to prepare entry materials according to their personal situation;

Submit entry information

Employee entry, within 10 days.

Feedback on the status of the process every week.

Instruct new employees to fill out the "Enrollment Employee Information Form";

Fill out the "Enrollment Employee Information Form"

Sign the "Labor Contract" with new employees in accordance with the "Notice of Employment", and return a copy to the employee after stamping.

sign the labor contract"

Onboarding staff training: training in accordance with Party A’s company rules and regulations or employee handbook, etc., and signed by the staff for confirmation;

Employee Handbook Signature

According to local regulations, go through the formalities of employee employment and social security payment;


Confirm the resignation category according to the "Return Notice": individual resignation/unit termination/contract expiration;

Go through the resignation procedures and sign relevant materials.

Employee resignation, within 15 days.

Feedback on the status of the process every week.

Collect and prepare resignation materials: individual resignation - receive the "resignation report" signed by the employee; unit termination - sign the "employee termination agreement", etc.;

Handle the dismissal and downsizing procedures of labor employment and social security.

Payroll Dispatch

According to the data that the employees should send, deduct the personal responsibilities, calculate the personal income tax, and arrange salary payment;

According to the agreed time payment will be dispatched immediately.


According to the social security and salary data, summarize the expense details and send it to Party A for review;

After the summary fee is approved, an invoice will be issued.

Staff daily affairs

Handle work-related injury affairs, medical care and maternity affairs for employees from all over the country

Cooperate with providing relevant materials

Instant processing

Finished summarizing feedback

Withdrawal of employee provident fund, employee acceptance and settlement, regularization and grading, commercial insurance payment and claim settlement;

Issuance of relevant certification materials such as employee file management and income certificates in various places

Human resources policy consulting services for employees from all over the country, and related matters related to employee labor disputes

Provide relevant legal advice and professional advice

Assist employees with job title review services

Cooperate with providing relevant materials

Instant processing

Finished summarizing feedback

According to changes in human resources policies, assist employees to settle in public collective households in the district

Cooperate with providing relevant materials

Instant processing

Finished summarizing feedback


Personnel payroll dispatch process

Our company guarantees to pay employee salaries and various insurances stipulated by the state and local governments in accordance with national labor laws and regulations. Our company signs labor contracts and confidentiality agreements with service personnel, and establishes a reasonable salary system. The specific content is as follows:

In order to ensure the quality of personnel and the quality of work, our company has established a differentiated salary system based on the professional ability of employees, employee education, work efficiency and work diligence (pre-tax salary, not lower than the local minimum wage standard). The salary system effectively guarantees the stability and reasonable flow of the workforce, and is conducive to the dynamic adjustment of the workforce.

Salary composition: employee salary = basic salary + confidentiality salary + performance salary + overtime salary + statutory benefits

Salary adjustment: Salary adjustment is divided into overall adjustment and individual adjustment. Overall adjustment: refers to the adjustments made by the company based on changes in macro factors such as national policies and price levels, industry and regional competition conditions, changes in the company's development strategy, and the company's overall benefit situation, including salary level adjustments and salary structure adjustments. Individual adjustment: mainly refers to the adjustment of salary level, which is divided into regular adjustment and irregular adjustment.

Payroll payment: The monthly salary is paid on the 30th of each month in the form of bank transfer. In case of weekends and holidays, the payment will be made in advance on the working day before the rest day.